One Call Now

Trion City Schools has implemented a new call system (One Call Now) for our students and parents. Please read the information below as it describes how One Call Now works and how it benefits parents and the school systems.

About One Call Now Communication Service

One Call Now is an automated parent notification service that allows schools to contact thousands of parents within minutes. Trion City Schools has implemented One Call Now to substantially improve its ongoing communication with you. The partnership with One Call Now shows your school’s commitment to you and to your child’s education and safety.

How One Call Now Benefits You

One Call Now allows school administrators to keep you updated as quickly and efficiently with personalized messages and helps you, as a parent to stay actively involved in your child’s education.

One Call Now has the ability to:

• Reach thousands of parents in moments

• Send notifications even when school phone lines are down

• Inform parents the very morning of a child’s absence from school

• Rapidly deliver first-hand information during a crisis situation both by phone and email